Episode 1: Sex is an ADL

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Episode 2: Bondage Toys as Adaptive Equipment

Episode 3: Getting Our VIBE on!

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Sex Toy Links:

Episode 4: Private Things in Private Places

Episode 5: Three Sex & Intimacy Champions Walk Into a Bar...

Episode 6: OT After Dark meets Disability After Dark

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Episode 6.9: Getting (ex)PLISSIT with Kate Burke


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Episode 8: Putting the ASS in Assessment

Health Measures

HealthMeasures consists of four precise, flexible, and comprehensive measurement systems that assess physical, mental, and social health, symptoms, well-being and life satisfaction; along with sensory, motor, and cognitive function. 


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Episode 9: Own Your Own Shit with Dr. Mark


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Consultants on Sex & Disability:


Shanna Katz-Katari - AP soc. Work and Women’s Studies at UMich.  Academic articles on sex and disabilities, social justice. Trainings and workshops.

Mitch Tepper - Educator and Counselor, consultation, coaching.  

Robin Wilson-Beattie - Sex and disbaility educator, activist (T: @sexAbled)

Bethany Stevens - Disability consultant  - sexual health and politics of pleasure.  


AASECT's web page and list to find sex therapists:

World association of sexual health:

Episode 10: The Spectrum of Gender

Gender Spectrum 

Understanding Gender 

For information on having Gender Spectrum perform a training or professional development workshop you can contact Gender Spectrum at or by clicking the link below!

Episode 11: Let's Talk About Sex Teams

Episode 12: Pelvic Floor Therapy: Moving Beyond Kegel Exercises!

The Wild Orange Tree 

e-motion Therapy 


Episode 13: A Little Foreign Relations in Arizona

Society for the Study of Occupation: USA 

Episode 14: Sex Talk with The Autistic OT

Kupferstein, H.  (2018).  Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavioral analysis.  Advances in Autism, 4(1), 19-29.   

Episode 15: Getting Schooled on Sex

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Episode 16: Day Drinking with K & JJ: A 2019 Climax

Episode 17: Flirting with the Therapeutic Relationship


Episode 18: Getting Kinky

Kink Aware Professionals 

Science of BDSM 

Tellier, S. (2017). Advancing the discourse: Disability and BDSM. Sex and Disability, 35, 485-493. doi:10.1007/s11195-017-9504-x

Episode 19: Accessible Sex Education: Addressing the Sexual Needs of Individuals with IDD

Episode 20: Pelvic Floor 2.0: Dilators, Vibes, & Lube, oh my!


OT Pioneers: An Introduction to Pelvic Floor Therapy Online Course

Intimate Rose dilator set

Lindsey's rehab recommendations

30 min lube lecture for OTs

Episode 21: Writing the Book on Sex and OT

Hattjar, B.  (2017).  Addressing sexual activity: A structured method for assisting clients with intimacy.  OT Practice, 22(19).  8-12.  

Hattjar, B.  (2012).  Sexuality and occupational therapy: Strategies for persons with disabilities.  AOTA Press.